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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Simple Lyric... But So Important


  1. Yes, absolutely a great lyric and idea for all of to remember. I am always telling my teachers, adult assistants, and students to take it day by day. It is important to accept and embrace day by day all that is accomplished and all the challenges too. These accomplishments and challenges help all of us to grow as human beings.

    By the way Randall Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi, Randall,
    I found your blog through a posting about Absolute and Relative in the Q&A forum. I have been reading that forum since it was created. Much of what you have said there about how people reacted to you after your surgery made a big impression and has caused me to always think about how I respond to anyone struggling. I would love to have your observations and comments about Christian Science Nursing from the patient's perspective - I'm thinking of going into that work.