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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy Days

If you've been following my journal, you've probably noticed that I'm not writing posts as often as I was. This is not because I've suffered any kind of relapse. To the contrary, I'm so much better that I'm busy cleaning my house. Yesterday I even helped my friend work in her yard.

I've never been able to keep my house clean. I always bring too many material things into it, and then there's no place to put them. But as my healing has progressed, my house is naturally becoming more orderly and clean. And I find I'm also better able to make more objective decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of. It's not because I've set out to make a huge effort; doing that in the past always proved futile. It's because I've been listening to the one Mind, the Mind that was in Christ Jesus, and at His direction over the last couple of weeks one thing after another has fallen into place. There's still a lot to do. But for the first time in I don't know how long, it feels like it's getting done.

Yesterday I went through my closet, got out all the old clothes that don't fit me anymore, and donated them to Goodwill Industries. Back in '07, before my surgery, I have to admit that I was rather overweight by human standards. My spiritual identity, in the image and likeness of God can never be overweight or underweight. But in the six weeks surrounding my surgery I lost 60 pounds. This brought me down to what is considered a "healthy weight" for me. In the span of nearly two years since then I've kept the excess weight off. From the human standpoint, being on a liquid diet has made that fairly easy.

Oh, and speaking of the liquid diet... a few days ago I ate two Chicken McNuggets. It wasn't easy, but it was progress. Still a long way from the steak and potatoes I want though.

So, thank you all for reading. I'll try and post every couple of days or so.

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  1. I tend to read your posts at the end of my day, and I have to tell you Randall, that they fill me with such a sense of peace. You are an inspiration to me. I look forward to reading more, and to doing some re-reading of the book you gave me so long ago.