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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Ex-Christian Scientist Said...

Every now and then I hear someone say that they know an ex-Christian Scientist, or someone who grew up going to Christian Science Sunday School, who says that Christian Scientists are deluded or that Christian Science is all wrong. I think there are even people who've written books saying such things.

This in spite of the fact that The First Church of Christ Scientist has documented records of spiritual healings through the application of Christian Science dating back over 100 years. All of these healings are verified by a third party, in some cases by a regular medical doctor. And new healings are published regularly in Christian Science periodicals.

I liken these ex-Christian Scientists to folks who grew up taking piano lessons and stopped when they got into their later teens. If one of them tells you that they gave it up because a piano is worthless and can't really make beautiful music would you believe them?

You'd probably realize that, though they may have taken lessons for years, they never really “got it”.

Now, as I told you before, I grew up in Christian Science and although I'd studied it off and on, I'd never really “gotten it”. But I never thought of Christian Science as worthless; I simply thought that the demonstration of healing in Christian Science was "beyond my capacity", as C3PO might say.

But I've learned that I was as mistaken as anyone who has studied Christian Science and tells you that it's all wrong. Anyone can demonstrate the healing Principle of Christian Science. But, like playing the piano beautifully, it takes self-sacrifice and dedication. And as I told you yesterday, those weren't things I was willing to commit to before.

So it is with gratitude and humility that I tell you my healing is still progressing wonderfully. The doctors thought I'd be gone by now. Instead I'm cleaning my own house and driving myself on my own errands.


  1. Driving is quite an accomplishment. (and housework even a greater acomplishment LOL)I've probably not driven more than a dozen times in as many years. ( I do clean my house more often though ;) But i have twice in just the past couple of months because my daughters license expired. Well Randall I have to say I hope I get it musically someday. I used to be passionate about playing the harmonium and singing until I progressed to the point where I could hear my mistakes. I felt like taking enough time off to unlearn them was necessary but now so much time has gone by I truly can’t remember any of them or anything I used to play. We don’t use sheet music, mostly sing by ear. Lack of time is a big obstacle because practice takes dedication. Now that I seem to have lost my passion and am away from home and instruments, it’s just that much harder. You’ve given me good reminder about the power of positive thinking and affirmations and how it can applied to any aspect of living.
    I’m so thrilled to hear that you have become stronger and are getting out and about! Wonderful!

  2. Hi Randall,
    I've enjoyed perusing your entries. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and progress with the world.
    with loving regards,