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Saturday, May 23, 2009

God and Reflection

Let's take another look at those terms I discussed a while back, "absolute" and "relative". This is a lesson I used to give to my students in adult ed. and jr. college.

Two and two is always four. In the Spanish language dos and dos is always cuatro. In the absence of any human language, without any words to express it, the concept of two and two being four will hold true. This is an absolute truth.

You are reading an internet blog post. This is a relative truth. In an hour it may not be true.

Anything that is not absolute truth or relative truth is opinion. Politics is the art of convincing people that your opinions are some form of truth.

Now let's take it a step further than I was able to do in the classroom.

To a Christian Scientist, absolute truth is established by God, who is living Truth. Truth isn't just an infinite collection of cold facts governing the universe. Truth is an infinite consciousness which, when appealed to properly, leads us to understanding which gives us success in our endeavors.

God is Love. Love isn't just a feeling or an emotion, it is a living force surrounding us and flooding our being with light.

God is Life. That very life force which animates us, itself, is alive, intelligent, and infinitely loving.

God is the infinite Mind which knows all things. There is nothing we can know that is unknown to God, Mind. And anything we think we know that He doesn't is simply a lie we are believing.

God is the very Truth known to Himself, infinite Mind.

God has made each and every one of us in his own image and likeness. This is the truth of our spiritual identities, not a statement about the material body.

As we are loving, we reflect Love. As we are active and constructive, we reflect Life. As we are honest we reflect Truth. And by our expression of intelligence we reflect Mind.

Seeing yourself in this light can only broaden your horizons. I'm telling you this because it has certainly broadened mine.

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  1. I got to thinking about what it might mean to be made in God's image. Our physical bodies are like self contained universes if we break it down to the molecular, cellular, chemical and vascular level. We have an inner and outer inter connection/dependence with all that surrounds us in nature. Similarly Our existence is a bit of the microbiology of God in the physical sense and brought into being by the vibration of Gods intellect. Cool huh :)