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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How Do You See Yourself?

Image Copyright David Teague

This post is a bit verbose for "Wordless Wednesday", but I'm not the only one guilty of that infraction. This picture was taken circa 1974. That's me on the left. My friend Dave is on the right. Because Dave and I were Marx Brothers enthusiasts, he calls this image "Dueling Harpos". Dave and I even performed publicly as the Marx Brothers once with our friend Jay. On that occasion Jay played Groucho, Dave was Chico, and I got to be Harpo. Yay!

I hadn't heard from Dave in three decades. Last week he got my email address somewhere and wrote to say hello. He also sent that image.

Dave and I met when we were both cast in a production of "Alice in Wonderland". I played the Mad Hatter. Dave played a mole, one of the woodland creatures in Wonderland. Even playing the mole, Dave took a greasepaint stick and painted a Groucho mustache on his upper lip.

A couple of years after this was taken I got a call from the director of our community theater saying that they were doing "Alice in Wonderland" again and asking if I'd reprise my role as the Mad Hatter. I had to decline because I was moving to Arizona to go to school. In that second production Helen Hunt played Alice, so I missed my chance to perform opposite an Oscar winning actress. Ah, well!

I shared this photo with you because this is how I want you to see me. This is how I want to see myself. We don't really know what our spiritual identities look like, but a photo of ourself that makes us feel good about ourself is closer than an image we don't care for. At this point in my healing process my appearance isn't all that great, although it's improving daily.

If you're working on a better self-image, I've heard it said that you should take your favorite photo of yourself and put it up on your refrigerator, or somewhere that you'll see it often. Why not give it a try. Can't hurt.


  1. THe nice thing about being internet friend is that it goes way beyond apperance and what I know of you Randall from your wrting is beautiful, and I just happen to like beards too ;}

  2. Great picture. Old photos are so much fun and remind us of "good times". Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. Nice thoughts on your photo.
    A bit funny about your "miss" with Helen Hunt. Who knows, destiny may have changed then and she wouldn't have won the Oscar. Maybe it would have been you winning the Oscar!

  4. Great photo, and an interesting story - I've been slowly starting to get in touch with some old friends, too.

    I can't really think which photo I would use for your exercise. I have a ton of photos, but relatively few "favorite" ones containing myself.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been ill. I like the way you've chosen how you wish to be seen - both by yourself and by others. It shows a great deal of strength of character to bend your attitude to your will.

    I wish you peace, strength and healing in your journey.

  6. ((((((((hugs)))))))))) And what a great way to see yourself! Sharing laughter and good times with everyone around you!

    As for me... What can I say, Randall... My own internal image of myself isn't human. ROFL But then, I guess what would one expect when their imaginative self is so strong, coupled with having grown up with animals and not people as friends and playmates.

  7. That's a great picture of the male bonding thing. Randall, it's good to find you still out here.

  8. What fun! That was great that he sent that picture of you.

  9. A wonderful sentiment... and an interesting thought... come to think of it. I really don't know what I envision myself as...?

    ...and any chap that is a "Whovian" AND a Marx Bros. fan is obviously a perfect fellow!

  10. What a great story!

    Perhaps I should try that: putting up a favorite pictures of myself on my fridge. Mine would probably be one from childhood as well.

  11. photo a captured moment of your life. Sometimes looking at them made you sad and smile.