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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Memorial Day Visitors

I had two visitors last night. These are dear friends, a mother and her adult son. I introduced them to the BBC science fiction series Dr. Who. For those who may not know, Dr. Who started as a children's show in 1963 and ran through 1989. A lot of Americans made fun of the special effects in the show, as not up to par with "Star Treck", but I always loved the imagination of the program. "Dr. Who" was revived in 2005, and the new series is easily as popular as the old one ever was.

The series "Dr. Who" is about an mysterious character known only as "the Doctor" (his name is not Dr. Who) who travels through space and time with various companions he acquires here and there. In 1965, although the series was incredibly successful, the star decided to quit due to health considerations. The writers on "Dr. Who" came up with the idea that, as an alien the Doctor's race doesn't die... they regenerate their bodies. After regeneration they look entirely different, but have the same memories. The audience bought into the concept and now, well over 40 years later, there have been 10 actors who have starred in "Dr. Who", with 11th taking over for next year.

If you're not familiar with "Dr. Who", you might want to check it out. I believe it shows on the Sci Fi channel (SyFy?) here in the U.S. I, personally, have many classic episodes and all the new ones on DVD.

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  1. Good to hear from you again, Randall! :-D I've never watched a Dr. Who episode, but I will definitely have to retify that, LOL. Many of my family members were agast I'd never seen it.