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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amazing Results

Yesterday morning the hospice doctor came to visit me. When I left the hospital, because I was considered "terminal" I was put into a hospice program. In this program the doctors and nurses do all they can to make the dying as comfortable as possible. The nurse has come weekly, but this was the doctor's first visit since the day after I came home from the hospital.

The doctor came in, sat down, took one look at me and said "amazing". Without even asking me to take the bandanna off of my neck he could see the unmistakable progress I have made. I told him that the tube that had been implanted in my neck to assist my breathing had started coming out of its own accord, so I'd removed it two months ago. And that I had been breathing normally and unaided since that time. This also seemed to impress him.

Then I told him that I'd changed a tire a few days ago. He said, "Don't do that!"... so I didn't tell him that I'd walked half a mile afterward to a payphone because there hadn't been any air in the spare. (I wrote about that back on Sunday).

Then he asked me to remove the bandanna from my neck. He looked at my neck and said, "Just amazing." This was a great lesson for me. I seldom look at my neck because I always see how much is left to be healed. But what he was seeing was how far I've come.

Then, before he left, he said, "Whatever you've been doing, keep doing it."

Here is proof of the progress I have been reporting in this blog. Christian Science, when properly applied, does heal!


  1. This is wonderful news Randal! I'm thrilled to hear it!!!

  2. I'm so glad the strength of your body is doing so well, Randall! And am even more glad for the strength and vitality of your true, inner self! :-D Hurray!!!

  3. Hey Randall- So glad your you're doing so well. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Randall, I'm thrilled that you're doing so "amazing!" I read all of your posts, and I pray for you.
    Keep up your positive spirit and progress!