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Monday, July 13, 2009

Flat Tire on Sunday

Yesterday I woke up tired. I think I'd played online too late the night before. But I was determined that no suggestion of fatigue could keep me from church. I got out early and ran a couple of errands. Then headed in the direction of church. But while fatigue couldn't keep me from church, a flat tire could and did.

Changing the tire was a challenge, but the biggest challenge was lifting the flat to mount it on the tire carrier on the back of my car. I became quite light headed for a moment. But I declared that God was my Life and that whatever strength I had came from Him. This declaration of spiritual truth gave me the lift that I needed, and shortly I succeeded in the task.

Of course I then found that the spare had no air in it. Because there had been a cover on the spare, apparently no one ever checked it when I took the car in for regular service. I had to walk about half a mile to a pay phone to call for help. A friend came and, after a quick visit to Pep Boys to purchase a compressor that runs off the car's battery, we inflated the tire. By then church had been over for 20 minutes.

Oh well... I'll make it next week.

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  1. You could look at this as a reward from the divine. Making the effort to get out of bed and go to church ultimately led to ensure that you have air in your tires. There could have been much worse and more dangerous places to get a flat.